Frequently Asked Questions
Label2Label is an online service created for Amazon FBA merchants that ship inventory to Amazon FBA centers for fulfillment. It allows merchants to convert shipping, postage and address labels from the format downloaded from Amazon into a format (such as 4” x 6”) that can be printed on Zebra or Dymo thermal printers. It works for Small Parcel Delivery (SPD) labels as well as Less Than Truckload (LTL) labels. It even works for all Amazon generated FNSKU barcode format types.

Since Label2Label supports so many different formats, it is also useful to warehouses, fulfillment centers, or anyone needing to convert shipping or mailing labels from one format to another.
Label2Label is provided as a web hosted service. There is no download necessary and you don’t need to install anything on your computer. You access all features using your Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browser.
The service is very easy to use. There are just four steps.

  1. Select the upload label format
  2. Upload your PDF label file
  3. Select the label format you want to print
  4. The converted PDF label file will be generated and displayed automatically.
  5. You then simply download the converted file or print it directly.
There are three levels of service.

  • Free - $0.00 per month - gives you access to the system and lets you perform a limited number of conversions each month. No credit card is necessary for this plan.
  • Standard - $3.95 per month - lets you convert 3000 FNSKU or Address labels and 300 Shipping labels each billing cycle.
  • Unlimited - $9.95 per month - lets you convert an unlimited number of FNSKU, Address and Shipping labels each billing cycle.

Our free plan gives you access to the system and lets you perform a limited number of conversions per billing cycle.
Users of the service sign up by selecting one of our payment plans on our Pricing Page. Upon signup your card will be charged according to the plan you chose. Each billing cycle thereafter, your card will be charged on the billing date. Each billing cycle, your Address/SKU and Shipping conversion credits will be restored to the maximum for the plan you are subscribed to.
We support all label formats generated by the Amazon FBA shipment dashboard, and many others.
View our list of supported label types here.
There are two classes of label conversions you can perform. You get a certain number of conversion credits each billing cycle, for each class of label. As you perform conversions, your conversion credit drops by the number labels that are converted. The two classes are Address / SKU labels and Shipping labels.

  • Address / SKU - These are smaller labels used for envelope addresses or product SKU labeling. They are roughly 2.5 inches in width or smaller, and 1.5 inches in height or smaller.
  • Shipping - These are larger labels used for freight box labeling. They are roughly 3 inches in width or larger by 2 inches in height or larger.
There is some overlap in sizes between the two label types, however when selecting labels for conversion, the type of conversion is clearly indicated.

Each billing cycle, your Address / SKU and Shipping conversion credits will be restored to the maximum for the plan you are subscribed to.

The number of conversions make to the target label type counts against your conversion credits. If you convert 10 address/SKU labels to 10 shipping lables, it will be the shipping conversion credits that get used and not the address/sku credits.
Once you run out of a class of conversion credits, you will not be able to make conversions to any label type of that class until the next billing cycle when your conversion credits are restored.

If you run our of conversion credits and need additional credits before the next billing cycle, you can get more credits by upgrading your subscription to a plan that offers more conversion credits. When you do this, your conversion credit limits will be restored to the maximum for the plan you upgraded too.

You may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. When you upgrade you will be charged the prorated price according to the price of the upgraded plan and the number of days left in the billing cycle. Additionally, your conversion credit limits will be set to the maximum for the plan you upgraded too. When you downgrade your plan you will not receive a refund for the difference between to two plans, however you will keep any remaining conversion credits until the beginning of the next billing cycle.

Your billing cycle begins the day you purchased your plan. You next billing day will be one month from that day. If you are on the Free plan, then the billing cycle always begins on the first day of each month.

On the first day of each billing cycle, your conversion credits are set to the limit of the plan you are currently on.
Our system uses smart label detection technology, that tries to determine if a label position on the page has content. If you upload a 6-up PDF label file where only 4 positions are used, then, under normal circumstances, our system will only convert 4 labels, and use only 4 conversion credits. For this reason we recommend that you only use original PDF label files and not PDF files that have been scanned. Scanned PDF files can introduce visual artifacts which can interfere with our blank label detection technology.
They are deleted.

Our system automatically deletes every uploaded file within 24 hours of it being uploaded.