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Label2Label product update and walk through video

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Label2Label July Update

We are pleased to announce the July update of our Label2Label offering.  It has many usability improvements and many additional conversion formats.  In addition we have expanded our payment options and updated pricing which provides more conversions at a lower price.

New Tabbed User Interface
The user interface has been update. It now uses a tabbed format where each tab represents one of the 4 steps in the conversion process. This reduces page scrolling and makes it easier to move through each step in the sequence. The Reset button has been moved to the right side of the tabbed interface making it easier to reset the conversion process if necessary.

Updated Pricing

Now convert up to 200 Address, SKU or FNSKU labels plus 20 Shipping labels for FREE.  Convert up to 3000 Address, SKU or FNSKU abels plus 300 Shipping lables for $3.95/month on our Standard Plan.  O, convert an unlimited number of Address, SKU, FNSKU or Shipping labels for $9.95 per month on our Unlimited plan.

New Conversion Formats

Since our initial launch, we have added 11 new label formats which includes 5 new Dymo thermal printer formats and 6 UPS WorldShip® Letter formats.  This furthers our goal to provide additional convenient formats for online merchants and shippers and to become the online destination for label conversions with the most formats anywhere.

Walk Through Video

Want to see it in action?  Check out our quick video, which shows the conversion of an Amazon FBA single box shipping label format to a format suitable for printing on a Dymo thermal printer.

PayPal Payments Now Accepted

Label2Label now accepts PayPal as a payment option, giving customers a yet another safe alternative way to pay.  We use Braintree Payments as our payment processor, which is owned and operated by PayPay.  So adding PayPay was a natural fit to give our customers another way to provide payment in a convenient and flexible way.

Try It Today

With nothing to loose, there is no reason not to try it.  Head over to and click the sign up button in the upper right hand corner of the page.  You will be taken to the pricing page where you can select the Free Plan or one of the paid plans.  For a limited time, early adopters  will get 100 free additional shipping credit when they sign up.