Streamline your Amazon FBA restocking process using a PDF label converter

2018-08-01   FBA Labels,   Editorial Team   Restock Inventory, FBA, PDF labels, Amazon merchant, Shipping Labels,  
The pressure is on. The seasonal buying spree is fast approaching. You have one eye on your inventory levels and the other eye on your estimated lost sales. You are on the phone with your supplier trying to arrange to get your shipment in before your levels drop to zero and you miss out on the seasonal sales spike. You are stressing over that other merchant that just popped onto the scene selling the same item you sell and you strategize about how to keep the buy box that you worked so hard to get. You are an Amazon FBA merchant.

Label2Label product update and walk through video

2018-07-18   FBA Labels,   Editorial Team   FBA, PDF labels, Shipping Labels,  
Today we are announcing the July update of our Label2Label offering. It has many usability improvements and many additional conversion formats. In addition we have expanded our payment options and updated pricing which provides more conversions at a lower price.